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Quick Note [Feb. 2nd, 2001|05:11 pm]
mIRC LiveJournal Client



Due to the fact that I just did a quick flurry of revisions, there's some version confusion going on.

Version 2.2.0 is now on the LiveJournal Download page. This isn't the most current version, however, as 2.2.1 has since superseded it to provide the customisable output thing. 2.2.1 was revised at least three times since I originally mentioned it, so you might want to redownload it from the mIRC-LJ site to ensure you have the most recent version. (Remember to have mIRC closed when you replace livejournal.mrc)

There won't be any further revisions available on the LJ download page until BradFitz has set up the FTP server so client authors can upload their own stuff. I will therefore hold off making any more major releases until then. Minor releases (usually bugfix releases), if needed, will be advertised here only.

Once Brad has the FTP thing up and running, I'll upload whatever the latest version is at the time.


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