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Version 2.1.0 is coming [Jan. 9th, 2001|11:37 pm]
mIRC LiveJournal Client



Yesterday and tonight I worked on mIRC-LJ some. It started off being a really minor bugfix release (version number +0.0.1) but then I noticed some big stuff that was slightly odd about the old verson, and it became a minor release (+0.1).

I can't really be bothered to package it up and upload it though tonight, to be honest, so I'll do that tommorrow maybe. It fixes a few things that probably went unnoticed anyway, but deserved fixing such as it 'leaking' variables (it should be storing almost everything in its ini file now, but it was still letting some global variables leak out that shouldn't have been.) and also it wasn't sending the clientversion correctly, so it's not showing up in the stats or anyone's 'clients used' lists!

There is a larger problem which I've still not managed to fix. It won't cause any bother since I've worked around it, but I'd like to figure out what is going on. The protocol driver script on the server doesn't appear to be 'seeing' the first character of the stuff I'm sending, and this is what caused the missing clientversion problem. I've got around the problem by sending a meaningless variable at the start so its that that goes wrong, not the stuff the server wants to see... but that's not the best solution. My local faked protocol driver sees what I'm sending wholly, so I don't know what's going on. Any ideas people? :)